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Your paid subscription will help us continue to provide Basic and Advanced Life Support ambulance services when you need us most. Your subscription will fund the much needed staff and emergency equipment necessary to provide our service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

As you may be aware, health insurance costs have sky rocketed. We do not want your unexpected illness or emergency situation to become a financial burden to you or your family. Due to the rising costs, Hamburg EMS is not able to continue to write off the patient responsibility at 100%. Your Hamburg EMS family will continue to help absorb the medical costs by offering a 50% discount of the patient responsibility your insurance states you must pay. Your membership will also allow for 2 free 911 emergency services when you are not transported, but we respond to your 911 call. 


Help us to help you – By becoming a Hamburg EMS subscription member YOU support our ability to provide you with pre-hospital emergency 911 medical services. YOU also protect yourself and your family from alleviating 50% of the financial burden your insurance states is your responsibility. Please note, as a member we may ask for your assistance to appeal to your insurance, when needed, to process for your maximum emergency benefits. THANK YOU!

Inside an Ambulance


Subscription Rate:

  • Individual - $50

  • Family 2-4 Members - $80

  • Family 5+ Members - $110

  • Individual Senior (65 years or older) - $40

  • Two Senior Citizens (65 years or older) - $70


  • Why should I become a subscriber?
    Your subscription helps ensure that we will meet our growing community’s needs for emergency service. We hope you never need us, but your Financial support allows us to be trained and equipped ready to help in an emergency.
  • If I have health insurance, do I need a subscription? "
    Yes! In some cases, depending on your carrier, your insurance may not cover 100% of your bill in the event you need emergency medical treatment and transport to a hospital. This is not an insurance policy, but a great way to support your community ambulance service and reduce you and your family’s medical costs.
  • What if my insurance carrier sends me the payment due to Hamburg EMS?
    Sometimes insurance carriers pay the patient directly for the service we provided. It is your responsibility to forward the payment received to avoid unnecessary collections on your account. Remember abusive practices of insurance money can be considered insurance fraud.
  • What if I receive a letter from Hamburg EMS billing department requesting help to appeal my medical claim?
    As a paid member, you may need to speak with your insurance to request that they reprocess your claim according to your emergency benefits. Your paid subscription includes the assistance of the appeals process to your insurance company.

If you would like to take advantage of the Hamburg EMS subscription plan benefits, please complete the membership form below. If you have any questions please contact us.

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